Fw: This is about my son Michael, Please love and take care of him

Get out your tissues folks – take your seat ready for this heart-rending weepy.  I’m sure if it starred Meryl Streep and Colin Firth it would be a number one best seller on DVD.  Maybe this scammer should be writing Mills and Boon novels for a living rather than trying to steal money from random victims.

And who in their right mind would ask a total stranger, contacted randomly by email, to take care of their children?  Pull the other one love, it’s got bells on it (quaint English expression).

This scammer wants to take money from you for fees.  Delete the email and don’t reply.

Dearest beloved,
Compliments! Please do not take this mail as scam because I am writing you with tears in my eyes.
You may find my mail very pitiful as you read but I do not want your pity. I only want your kindness,.
My name is Doris Newman and I live in London United Kingdom , I was married to the late James
Newman  who died together with our two daughters and many other Indonesians on 26th  Dec 2004
during the Tsunami disaster. View this website:
We all were supposed to travel to Indonesia for Christmas, but my bad health, did not permit
me to travel with them, this made me and my son to stay behind while my husband and our two
daughters traveled. If not, all of us would have perished in the Tsunami disaster.
I have been suffering from malignant cancer and diabetes which also compounded to hearing
difficulty lately and since after the death of my family members, my cancer sickness worsened.
At present, my only means of communication is through body language and writing
My son’s  name is Michael Newman  and he is only 9 years old. However, I am a dedicated
mother and always take care of my surviving child regardless of my ailment.
I am not writing this letter because of my terminal illness rather it is because of the future my
son, Michael. He is likely experience sadness and lack of care if I die soon as I was told by
the doctors after the diagnosis a week ago. I have nobody to take care of him if I die.
I despise the orphanage and I would not like Michael to inhabit there as an orphan when I die.
I am aware of the sad experiences orphans pass through while in the orphanage or homes.
Due to the sad experiences I had as a foster child, I do not want my son to live in any home.
I have been told that I may not live longer than few weeks as a result of the damage the
the cancer cells and diabetes have caused in my body. The hospital management suggested that
I should sign a medical undertaken before they can carry out an emergency surgery to save my life.
They insisted that I must sign an undertaken before surgery because according to doctors life
threatening surgery requires the consent of the patient before it could be done. This information
has put me into confusion and this is the reason why I am confiding in you in order to secure
a better home for my son before I undergo the surgical operation.
Obviously, I am afraid because there is a possibility that I may die while undergoing the operation,
hence my son’s upbringing is my greatest worry. I have put my life in Gods hand to keep!
I am only appealing to you to take care of him for me.I do not have relatives here in London to
take care of him if I die. I can not trace my relatives in Indonesia since after the Tsunami disaster
and I believe they are all dead.
I have a Trust Fund deposit that worth 780,000 pounds in Abbey bank which I inherited from
my husband as his next of kin. I kept this money on trust fixed deposit because I intend to invest
with it in our son’s name when he grows up. I know this money can help you to take care of
Michael’s needs and his education. I will give you information about my Trust fund and make
you my next of Kin for if accept to take care of my son.
I am appealing to you to take care of Michael as your own son not because of the money I am
offering to you but for the love of my son. Please let me know if you are willing to take care of my son.
I know that the priest will eventually put him in the orphanage if i die without finding someone
to take care of him.
Please consider my appeal because I really need someone to take care of Michael in confidence
before I can sign any undertaken for the surgery. I prayed over my decision to find you worthy
of this trust.
Please reply me with your name and address if you are willing to take care of my son..
God Blessings,
Doris Newman