This ridiculous email claims to have come from   In the interests of thorough research, I took a look at  Do you want to guess what it sells?  Gold dust?  No.  Gold jewellery?  No.

Books.  Yes, really, it sells books.

This idiot has no more intention of selling you gold dust than he has of flying to the moon on a banana skin.  He’s a scammer who is hoping to steal your money.

Hello Sir/Ma,

We are small scale Gold miners here on the sub-region of West Africa, Accra, Ghana.

We have alluvial Gold Dust for sale at a considerable Price which is below world market price.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to get back to us as soon as possible for us to give you our full co-operate offer (FCO).

We look forward in doing a long lasting business transaction with you.

Mr Freeman Attah.