Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (Good Day To You)

Monday, February 16, 2009 11:22 PM
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Good Day Beneficiary,

I am Mr. Olu Benson, Transaction Services Officer Gauranty Trust Bank Plc,on the 22nd of last month I received an instruction from one Mr Bill Wilson,to remit a total sum of $450,000 US Dollars to you, I did tried contacting you on phone with the number he gave me, but it seems your phone numbers was out of service at the time I was calling or maybe the network here in Nigeria was really bad , The said cashier cheque has already been prepared and I am waiting for your response to provide me with the name in which you want to be shown on the cheque and your mailing address to which i am to send the cheque, I hope this contact do not sound embarrassing to you as I am only fulfilling my Obligation in getting my orders straitened up , I certainly hope this mail meets you in good condition and await your response via my personal email:

Mr. Olu Benson
Transaction Services Officer,
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.Edo-State, Nigeria.
I’m sure. Like, they have all this money to give out to all these “Undisclosed Recipients”! I don’t think so, Spammy Sammy!