Hey, you have a new Greeting !!!

Beware of this.  You haven’t received a greeting – you’ve received a link to spyware.  How do I know?

1)  The title doesn’t have anything to identify the sender

2) If I point my mouse at the link in the email, this is the address that is displayed at the bottom left of my web browser or email program:  This is NOT the address of greetings.com.  It is an executable file (.exe) that will installe spyware on your computer.

What to do if you accidentally install the spyware

Download and run Malwarebytes.  This is an excellent spyware removal program which I have used very successfully on my own computer and on clients’ computers.

A REAL ecard

To show you the difference between the scam greetings card and the real card, I entered greetings.com into my browser.  This took me to the Hallmark website.  I joined and sent an ecard.  What do I see?

1) This is the subject line of the real card “A Hallmark E-Card from Carol Smith“.  It identifies the sender by name.

2) If I point my mouse at the link in the email, I see hallmark.com displayed at the bottom of my screen.  The email also tells you how to go directly to the site and log-in with your email address if you are in any doubt about scammers and phishers.

The scam email:

Hello friend !
You have just received a postcard Greeting from someone who cares about you…

Just click here to receive your Animated Greeting !

Thank you for using www.Greetings.com services !!!
Please take this opportunity to let your friends hear about us by sending them a postcard from our collection !