Invest and manage the funds in a profitable venture


Mr John isn’t a facilitating a private investor.  He’s facilitating himself – hoping to get his hands on your money.  Ignore him.

Dear Partner,
I am facilitating for a private investor who want to invest her
financial estate in long-term business venture in your country/company under your supervision.
You will be required to;
1. Receive.
2. Invest and manage the funds in a profitable venture.
The amount to be invested is over Sixty Million US Dollars. My client is willing to give 10% [Negotiable] as participation fee as the receiver and extra 10% “Management Commission” on your advised investment project.
We expect to hear from you urgently and kindly send the following info to enhance communication;
1. Full Names and Address
2. Tel, Fax and Cell phone numbers
I look forward to your swift response.
Mr. Kelvin John