The subject of this email says it all really.  N/A.  There is no card, and no money.  This is a Nigerian advance fee fraud.  Pay $199 to a scammer in Nigeria.  Don’t fall for it.  Delete the email.

Dear Friend,  Good day to you , I just want to inform you that I have deposited your
UNIVERSAL ATM MASTER CARD of USD $5250,000,00 United states dollars to the FedEx
Delivery services here in West Africa, I have paid to them their delivery charges &
insurance coverage fee, the only fee to be paid again is their security safe keeping
fee of $199 dollars only.I would have paid that but they said no because they don’t
know when you will contact them and in case of demurrage.
Below is the shipment officer contact information including his email  address with the
parcel reference number,
Attention: Mr.Ken Anderson Shipment Officer Of FedEx delivery  services Nigeria.
Tel: +234 807 666 4829
Shipment Code: CPEL/OWN/9876
Parcel Number: EG2272-NIG
 Also below is the information they need to deliver the UNIVERSAL ATM MASTER CARD in
form of African Magazine to your address, this is to avoid wrong delivery as I already
gave them your delivery address but you have to re-confirm it to them
Full name………………….Home address…………
Your UNIVERSAL ATM MASTER CARD withdrawing access pin code number is (1148) take  note,
once you receive the ATM Card you take it to any cash point around your  area, slot it
in and enter the pin code for withdrawal, You are advised that a maximum withdrawal
value of $15,000.00 (Fifteen thousand United State dollars) is permitted on withdrawal
per Day  and you can make withdrawal in any location ATM Machine Centre of your choice.
 Also ask them on how you are to make the payment for the security fee to them so  they
can effect immediate delivery on your parcel.
 Remain blessed and enjoy your funds.
Mr. John Walter