Learn to be responsible for actions ID houBnwyb8i

This very (un)convincing bit of ridiculous rubbish arrived in my inbox a couple of days ago.  Somehow I think I might regret asking what the writer meant by saying “you have been flog the dummy”.

If you do happen to own bitcoin – please don’t send any of them to this scammer.

Just ignore this daft email and delete it.

At the time when you have been flog the dummy in front ofyour device screen when you visited porn web site your notebook get malicious program amid secure vulnerability the browser.

The malicious program records all the activity at your device and among others it is informed about coockie of the resources that you run over.

But the best asset of the named hostile program is that it have a chance activate WebCam and upload all the Contacts from your email.

At the same time I possess username to your email and SNSs.

Now I possess video and snap shots where you jack off and naked.

If you don’t want that photos to give to the world and to be dispatched to all the guys loved ones I recommend you the next alternate solution.

You should send to my Bitcoin address 1MVAaxAQj1HuQkK13sZvDiPrqUQLViXYYP 399 $ in BTC.

After having received of cash I would remove ammunition against you and you will never again heard about this unpleasant situation.

Failing this in a case if I don’t receive this money within 23 hours after have read that mail I shall send all that weirdoammunition against you to your family members and colleagues and at the same time through social media platforms for overall estimation of your actions.

P.S. My my English knowledge is not far from perfect because I am not native speaking nevertheless you should to understand me.

I ask you and don’t reply to this mailbox I shall never use to it again.