Legit Loan Offer

Marek Prokop writes to me from Poland to tell me that he (or she) is called Lisa Omar and is a certified loan lender.  S/he doesn’t bother to tell me what those certification are.  Obviously that would difficult since s/he is anything but “legit”.  This is a scammer who is after your money and will start charging you “fees” for your non-existent loan.  Ignore him or her.

Dear Sir/Madam,
UNI INVESTMENT LOAN INTERNATIONAL is an International consulting group for international debt and equity project finance in addition to commercial mortgage finance in the WORLDWIDE market. We are certified loan lender and offer secured loans to individuals and companies at low interest. We offer long and short term loans. Our firm has recorded a lot of breakthroughs in the provision of first class financial services to our clients especially in the area of Loan syndication and capital provision for individuals and companies.

Provide the following information;
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Best Regards
Lisa Omar.