Please your reply is needed

Nothing new here.  “Mr Husni” claims to be a dishonest bank employee from the Benin Republic who has access to millions of dollars which he plans to steal and share with me, or you, or anyone!  He doesn’t mind who answers his email, because his only aim is to take  your money way from you by charging you fees.  Ignore him.

Dear Sir.

I am Mr Walid Husni Ali. a Bank Manager here in Benin Republic.I will
like to introduce a very brief business with you, there is a dormant
account in my bank with a credit balance of (US$20.524M) which has
been dormant for about five years now, on my further investigation I
discovered that the owner of account is a foreigner who died five
years ago in a motor accident along side his wife and two children,
but left no information about his next of kin for the account because
he was hiding the source of the money from the government.

What I need from you is to use your name as the beneficiary and next
of kin to the original account owner and then I will use my position
as the Bank Manger to give Clearance and onward remission of the fund
into your nominated Bank account.

I will supply you with all necessary information about the account,
which you will present to the bank through a lawyer, after the bank
has accepted your application then I will go ahead and destroy every
documents associated with this transaction and we will go ahead and
share the money at the ratio 30% for your services to me and 60% for
me, the remaining 10%will be set aside for any expenses incurred
during this transaction.

Please your urgent reply is highly needed so as to stop further
contacts this is for people who know the value of banking system,
kindly include your telephone and fax numbers.

You may also reach me at my private email address or, call me for
further information on: Email: or

Best regards,
Mr Walid Husni Ali.