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This is a sneaky one, and a timely reminder that you should NEVER click on a link in an email from any membership site – linkedin, paypal, your bank, ebay, amazon – etc.  ALWAYS enter the address of the website directly into your browser.

If you point your mouse at any of the links in this email (DON’T CLICK), you will the link address displayed at the bottom left of your screen.  (Note, you can’t do this on a touch screen device).  None of the links go to Linkedin.

The inbox link takes you to a website that is infected with a trojan.  My anti-virus software blocked it.

If you think you might have infected your computer, download and scan it with the free versions of malwarebytes and superantispyware.


Invitation reminders:
From Horace Carney (Credit & Collections Team Leader at General Electric)


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