I “gladly wish to notify you” that this is a scam.  You aren’t “one of our lucky winners” – you are one of hundreds of thousands of people to whom this scammer sent the same email, hoping that someone will fall for the scam.  If you make the mistake of replying, the scammer will start asking you for money for fees.

There was no sweepstakes draw and you haven’t won anything.  Delete the email and don’t reply.

18th, July, 2009.

Congratulations! We gladly wish to notify you of the Furtz Foundation E-Net Sweepstakes Jackpot result that was held on the 17th, July, 2009. Your e-mail address has qualified and emerged you as one of our lucky winners of 500,000.00 Pounds Sterling.

E-Net Serial #: FFL5646000098/UK.
Draw #: 1345000906.
Match: 5 plus bonus.
Amount Won: 500,000.00 Pounds Sterling.

You are expected to contact the Furtz Foundation E-Net claim Director Mr. Jim Murphy with the below required details to enable you claim your prize.

1. Name(s):         2. Address:
3. Phone:        4. Cell Phone:
5. E-mail:        6. Date of Birth:
7. Occupation:   8. Country:

Contact with the Furtz Foundation E-Net Claim Director Mr.Jim Murphy via the e-mail address below:

Furtz Foundation E-Net Claim Director
Mr.Jim Murphy
Tel: +44-703-196-8398

Mr. Brinson Parish
Online Co-coordinator
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