Marine Engineer Romance Scammer – Jerry Morrison

A reader contacted me a couple of days ago with her story of a romance scam.  Fortunately she realised something was wrong before she was asked to send money and had the good sense to do an internet search.  It didn’t take her long to find that many other people had been contacted by the same scammer (or others working the same scam).

The potential victim sent me three emails from the scammer, which I’ve reproduced below.  In the third email you can see the scammer goes into great detail about his, supposed, job as a Marine Engineer.  Anyone who has English as their first language should be able to tell immediately that the scammer didn’t write this.  It has been copied from here

I suspect that many of this scammer’s victims don’t have English as their first language and therefore cannot tell that the writing in even the first email is that of a scammer whose first language isn’t English and not of a Marine Engineer living in London.

Here are those letters:

Email 1


how are you to day hope evrything is fine. let me start by introducing my self to you. My name is Jerry Morrison i am from london. i am 42yrs born in the family of two i am the second with a sister who is married. i am a Marine engineer and will retire very soon.I am a man who loves the lord and desires to accomplish his will.I am easy going person, affectionate, have a great sense of humor, i like fun, i am open minded person, romantic at heart and believe women should be treated like queens and i love spoiling my loved one.My aspiration is to become great in life, take good care of my wife and kids as much as i can and then be the best man I can be to my family.My favorite colors is purple I like movies especially scary ones, bowling, dancing, and amusement parks anything fun… I am honest, and do not play any games, don’t have time for that. I do not like liars or cheaters.I enjoy pampering, surprising from my partner and also surprise my partner and I also love to be nurtured in return. Sensuality is important to me, some of my favorite things are the salty taste of lobster simmering in a blurred blanch sauce, the smell of the ocean mixed with suntan lotion on a summer day, the cool, velvety softness of well-worn cotton sheets on a hot summer night, the gentle touch of a lover, the beauty of a home which has been designed to be inviting and welcoming, the sound of leaves rustling beneath your feet in the Fall. I am here to look for the real woman who can bring out the best from me.A woman that will share the solid foundation of relationship with me, which is, trust, love, relationship, companion, compromise, understanding, friendship, sincere of, who has the spirit of given.A woman that know what is in my mind when she look at my face.One that will share my sorrows with me.   I believe that faith can lead us to a very beautiful direction. That eventually we might end up with each other someday as we hold untold our faith. can you please tell me more about your self. 

    With love

Email 2

Hello xxxxxxxx,

Thank you so very much for taking out time to read my mail and also write me the email. I think i have to let you know a little about me my kind of person. I feel so blessed because a thought was channeled to my direction.  Every journey is set out with a well defined destination in mind and it takes courage and conscious determination to arrive there. At this point, it obvious that am  willing to set out for this journey of faith and it’s imperative that the desired destination should be well defined. I like to make something Clear as you read this. My intention should be made known early enough so that you could be able to know  where am heading .

 The only reason I am here  and ready to devote time to make all the necessary communication is because I want a partner and desire to get closer to and see if there’s chemistry to yoke heart together because nothing works until someone work on it. What I am looking for is someone who will get to know me, who like me.. is tired of being lonely, who desires a sincere relationship, who is willing to love again irrespective of the painful memories of the past., who is willing to merge her soul with mine and her heart with mine. Someone to share and spend the rest of my life with. 

You see, I feel there are few very basic but essential elements of a relationship.. (1)  Identifying the need to be in a relationship (2) decision and readiness to contribute to it success 3) HONESTY (4) TRUST (5) MUTUAL RESPECT, (6)DEVOTIONAL COMMITMENT WITH A READINESS TO MAKE SACRIFICES. knowing fully well that a Gold must go through fire before it can be purified and graded

 They are also to a degree sequential.  I may choose First honesty and then respect.  They go hand in hand and without them any type of relationship; business, personal, family, whatever, is bound to fail.  Anyone who is dishonest cannot be respected.  Without  showing respect, He or she is unlikely to be treated with honesty.  Those are fundamental to trust which like respect is earned because honesty was first and was given.  When trust is built and respect is earned and they are given and shared, then love and happiness is inevitable. 

 When your love and trust were given, it’s more important than receiving a treasure. Then commitment becomes a part of the relationship.  At that point, you promise and believe it will be forever.  You can do this because you love and trust the other person and are committed to making a life to share together. I will try to be more specific.  First, no one is perfect, especially me.  I know this though; when the right person or person that seems right comes into your life you will know it.  A connection happens and you just can’t, or won’t let go of them.  Your whole life changes and all of the emptiness begin to fill up.  It starts with the first touch, the first time you look into each other’s eyes, the very first time for everything becomes a moment to remember.  Sometimes it happens quickly, other times it takes years.  I don’t pretend to have the wisdom to explain or understand.  This is certain, if you observe consciously, you will find when a person is wrong for you.  I truly believe it is easier to know if someone is not right for you than to know if someone is…I guess I’ve tried. Of course you now know what my purpose of being here is, and that I am willing to nurture this friendship to grow in the direction of a rewarding and a long lasting if not and everlasting relationship in all sincerity. Now are you in the same train? 



Email 3

Sweetie i got your mail the content is well noted baby,   I am very cool and nice does not talk too much. I was born on 23rd of may 1968 I met my late wife in supermarket were I buy things and we started chatting when ever talking on phone and exchanging massages, six months later we got married and she died three years ago, i have a sister who is married with 3 kids now 2 boys and a girl, Last year I have a girl friend whom we broke up last year due to her cheat. So I decide to go through online dating to see what destiny have got for me there, the first day I saw your pic on the site I was very happy and amazed and my heart tells me that you are the woman for me. that’s why I told you to close down you profile on the site so that we wont have any second party. I need you in my life to marry and to grow old with you. You are the perfect  woman for me and I really will appreciate It if we can conclude everything as soon as possible and made arrangement for yu to come over and meet  my sister. 

About my job we design, operate, maintain, and repair the mechanical systems of ships. Working closely with the architect who designs the ship structure, a marine engineer designs the propulsion, auxiliary power machinery, and other equipment needed to run the ship. Most we are been called for a contract by private firms that build ships or make the equipment used in them. A few engineers do freelance work as consultants to these firms. Some are civilians employed by the U.S. Navy’s Naval Sea System Command.we specialize in certain kinds of equipment such as pumps, engines, gears, heaters, or deck machinery. Others concentrate on certain steps in shipbuilding, such as estimating the cost of the equipment needed. Still others may deal largely with one area of a ship’s functions, such as lubrication. Marine engineers may also be inspectors. Inspectors make sure that the equipment works properly before the ship is launched. Some engineers specialize in the repair and maintenance of a ship when it is in dry dock.we are sometimes responsible for installing equipment in ships. They may, for example, supervise the crews that install electrical equipment. Others may be in charge of crews that build heating and cooling systems to protect the cargo. When marine engineers design systems within a ship, they must make sure that these systems cannot be damaged during an ocean voyage.Some marine engineers work with ship officers who train crews to operate the ship’s equipment at sea. These engineers may also help officers select tools and spare parts that may be needed for emergency repairs. Some marine engineers write technical reports and manuals for other engineers and for members of a ship’s crew. My journey in life is to make my name very poular well know in the world let say as the best marine engineer in the whol world which i believe that i will be. i have been in thes for more than 12 years and i travel alot i now want to stay an settle down with my family and bring up my children. You have known everything you will have to know about me is now left for you to decide if these relationship will work out between us, but if you ask me i will tell you that you are the perfect woman for me when i saw your pic i felt something for you very special, i just hope and belive you will give me the chance to be with you and have you forever in my heart, i need some one i can trust some that will love me from the dept of her heart i believe that you have the quality, Distance will never be a problem as long as we can trust love and be commitment to each other always and everyday. also i will be happy if we both will remove our profile from the site and face our relationship to see were it leads us to.

 Baby please give your heart to take care of it and pamper it like mine. The way I felt for you when i saw your picture I have not felt that way to any woman before in my life before. 

Please have my heart  please.  lets get to know each other more before we can meet.

 You can reach me on +447858836911 / +447031894668

Waiting to hera from you soon