Microsoft Online Lottery Games

Apparently I’ve won £1m (British pounds) from Microsoft.  Odd then that my “claims agent” has a South African phone number.  I think that might be the first time I’ve seen a SA number. I keep saying I’ll produce a list of countries of origin of scammers.  It’s a truly international activity – no country is immune to the scammers. 

Mr Zulu and Dr Louis don’t exist – at least not as employees of Microsoft.  Microsoft don’t hold random draws.  It’s a scam.  Just delete the email and don’t reply.


Your e-mail id was selected through the computer ballot system a winner of our Microsoft online lottery program.

You have to contact your claim agent for your payment process and include your personal information for smooth transfer of your payment.

Cliam Agent: Mr.James Zulu
Tel/fax : +27 78 555 7877

For verification purpose forward to him your claim details below;

(1) Your mailing address:
(2) Your Tel(Mobile):
(3) Your Nationality/Country:
{4} Your Full Names:
{5} Your Occupation
{6} Your Age.
{7} Your Sex.
{8} Your Maritial Status.

Ref No.micro234kj20080808
Batch number: msn222
Lucky No: 1 8 13 22 27 38 41
Security code: 676
Amount Won: 1 000 000 00 (one million british pounds)

You have to contact him not later than three working days.

One more time congratulations.

Dr.Khan Louis.
Msn Lottery Team.