This is a reply to an accommodation request made by Mr Great – part of the world of hotel phishing.  You can read the original post here.  The gist of this long winded reply is that Mr Great wants you to send him £6000.  Nice try sunshine, I don’t think so!

I don’t recommend that you follow my example.  Just delete the original email.

Hello Annie,
Thanks for your reply to my mail. I am providing more details on payments and third party transactions earlier mentioned. You will find that I am proposing full advance payments for the accommodation on the FIRST dates for now according to my client’s instructions.Please confirm the outline below;
   Arrival Date: 10/01/2009
Departure date: 24/01/2009
Favor of: Mr.Franklin Great
No. of Guests: 4
Total Accommodation Amount : £2,800.00
Deposit to be Made : 100%

I will make full payments but I will need to provide more details on my payment plan for your approval. As mentioned earlier,I will require payments to be made to a third party. The third party is a mobile airline agent that I have contacted to make arrangements for air tickets,meals,car hire and other entertaining packages. I have already concluded arrangements with the agent pending the receipt of balance of his funds in the amount of £6,000.00 .The problem is that I am not in office for now to make a direct transfer to him because of a job I am currently handling outside Coventry.
On this note, I have resolved that you use your facilities to charge my credit card for a total amount of £8,800.00 (please include processing fees). On completion, deduct and keep your funds of £2,800.00 and proceed to send the amount of £6000.00 to the agent via bank transfer. I will provide you with the agent’s bank details.Feel free to let me know if there is anything else you need to know about the deductions.
If this will work out well,kindly confirm this arrangement and get back to me with your details for my office records and for the guests to contact you on arrival. Please confirm your;
1. NAME.
Please find below, the guest list for the booking receipts of the first set;
  Mr. Andrew Stewart and wife Mrs. Patricia.
Dr. Patrick James and Spouse Mrs. Kimberly James
Please confirm this arrangement and get back to me with your contact details as stated above so that I will send my card details across for immediate payment. Payments for the second set will commence upon conclusion of this arrangement for the first set.
I will be looking forward to your mail.
Warm Regards,
Franklin Great.
 +447031930854  (Mon-Tues,Office hours,GMT)
 +442070221691   Fax