MTCN: 1450919436

You know that Microsoft don’t hold random draws for no reason and decide to send people money via Western Union.  The only money that will exchange hands by WU is any money you are daft enough to send to this scammer.  That’s what this scammer wants – your money.  Ignore him (or her).

Dear Recipient Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that your e-mail address was selected and confirmed by Microsoft International promotions, through our latest internet software. You have been
approved by MICROSOFT® CORPORATION GH the sum of US$200,000.00 (Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). These funds are in cash, credited to
a valid cashier’s check, with a winning Registration Serial Code: SA-03602
Here is the western union information for US$5000.00 first installment payment.

log in with your recipient Email Address via our online account link !<>
to access and withdraw fund.
MTCN: 1450919436
Winning Ticket: 7044026
Serial Code: SA-03602
Total Amount to be remitted in your favor: US$200,000.00
Fist Amount :USD5000.00, MTCN: 1450919436
Sender’s Name :Mrs. Celia Paterson
Text Question :Sender
Answer :Paterson
Amount :US$5000.00
Track the payment via online @ or the above link with winning e-mail addres eg yourname@domain and input your password,
get back to me for a follow up,while I wait for your call to enable release the thebalance of US$195,000.00 into your account or by a valid cashier’s check
to your addres. Contact Payment Officer:Rev. Errica Davidson []
Yours in service,

Rev. Errica Davidson
(Payment Officer) ICT Consult Unlimited®GH
For: Microsoft Promotion Award Team.
West Africa Chapter (Cotonou-Benin/Ghana Provincial)
Microsoft Winning Notification Copyright © 2012 Microsoft® Inc. GH.