Re: Your Insurance funds

This scammer isn’t a legal counsel to anyone.  They can’t tell you the last name of their late client, because he didn’t exist.  This scammer is hoping the idea of millions of dollars in cash will tempt you to reply – at which point the scammer will start asking you to send them money – and will continue asking you for money for as long as you are prepared to send it.  Ignore him.

Dear Beloved.

I am Valerie W. Hopkins legal counsel of a late client that bear the same last name with you; My late client died in a ghastly accident along with his entire family on the morning of November 12, 2007 while in active service and the Insurance is willing to pay you as only Her apparent, his Insurance Policy he acquired since 1996 here in the United Kingdom.
I have tried to reach you by courier, but the letter was returned undelivered. According to his WILL, I now try to reach you by e-mail to present you as the beneficiary to the bequest of the Life Insurance Policy amounted to the sum of 7.7Million in the Legal Currency of the United States of America.
Kindly forward your personal details as listed below to enable me file necessary datas on your behalf and facilitate the release of the bequest to you as Her apparent/next of kin and legal beneficiary.
Personal details needed: Full name, Address, Tel/fax no., Date/Place of birth, Your occupation.

Feel free to reach me any time for back up documents and for better guidance to facilitate the remittance of these funds to you.

Yours in service
Valerie W. Hopkins
legal counsel in charge
Tel: +447024039626