Mystery Shopper Job Available.

“David Carter” doesn’t have a “Mystery Shopping Assignment in your area”.  He doesn’t know who you are and has no idea where you live.  Mystery shopping companies don’t send out random emails, they wait for people to apply online through their websites.

This is a scammer – who will probably invent a fake assignment for you then apparently send payment via cheque or to your bank.  He will then ask you to forward part of the money to somewhere or someone else.  Your bank will then withdraw the original payment as fraudulent, leaving you out of pocket and with no way of recovering the money you forwarded to the scammer.

We are mystery shopping company in the USA and We have a Mystery Shopping Assignment in your area and we would like you to participate.

If INTERESTED kindly send your RESUME containing details like e.g Full Names, Home Address, Home/Cell number,City,State, Zipcode and other details about you plus if any previous work experience you can include it in your resume

We will get back to you with further as soon as we receive your Resume. We await your response and We look forward to working with you.

David Carter
Secret Shopper(R)