Quote My Ref No.

How nice of “Pamela Rogers” to email thousands of random people telling them she’s left them millions of pounds, just as she is going “on a cancer surgery”.  Not.

S/he isn’t having surgery, s/he doesn’t have cancer and s/he certainly doesn’t have millions of pounds.  S/he’d like millions of pounds and she’ll happily start by taking as much money as you are willing to send her.  She’s a scammer.  Ignore him or her.

My name is Pamela Rogers, I am going on a cancer surgery today, I have left you 11.5 million British pounds to do good deeds for the work of the Lord.
Contact my solicitor quoting my ref no. CLY/011/RZZ/7350/5582/100SF/UK for further info. Barr. Lee Malcolm. barr.lee_mal@mygroupuser.com