Netflix Service

I don’t have a Netflix account, so this was an obvious fraud to me.  If you do have a Netflix account, NEVER click on a link in an email.  ALWAYS go directly to the Netflix website from your browser and sign in.

I clicked on the link to see where it took me – cordellmemorialhospital(dot)com/00a6797fa0ffde4b41a745ce5/  Definitely not the real Netflix website – a hacker has added their fake sign-in page to a real domain.

This is where I was taken when I “signed in” (using fake information)netflixfake.  The scammer wants your credit card information.

If you think  you have accidentally given your information to these hackers, contact your bank immediately.

Dear xxxxx,

We have noticed that some billing informations in your Netflix account seems inaccurate or unverified, therefore we can’t process your next month automatic payment.
In order to continue using our service, Please log in to your Netflix account and check your informations carefully: