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Be careful of this sneaky email.  It looks like a LinkedIn contact invitation.  NEVER click on a link in a LinkedIn/Facebook request email.  ALWAYS go directly to the website and you will see your invitations in your account.

If you hover your mouse over the links in this email you will see that they don’t take you to LinkedIn.  One a mobile device, you don’t have the opportunity to hover over links.

The request takes you to a site infected with a Trojan.  If you think your device might have downloaded the malware, download and scan it with malwarebytes (  If you’re using a smartphone/tablet – you do have anti-virus software installed, don’t  you??

David sent you an invitation to connect 11 days ago. How would you like to respond?

Ignore Privately

Janette Cherry
Archer Daniels Midland (Head of Corporate Relations)

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