An email landed in my inbox asking me about  I haven’t ordered from them and I wouldn’t.  Here’s why.

A little research tells me that the domain name is registered to someone in China. (chang, shengli baiyunqu luochongwei gaoqiaodajie 5hao guangzhou, guangdong 510032 China)

The footwear for sale is cheap and in some cases just so ridiculously cheap that anyone who buys is almost asking to be taken for a fool.  Why do I say that – look at this:

Ugg boots for 45cents and free shipping.  All the way from China.  Not going to happen, is it?

So I did a bit of Googling and, surprise, there are lots of complaints saying that goods never arrive.  In some cases, apparently, a worthless item was shipped so the unsuspecting purchaser could receive a tracking number.  The scammers apparently hoping that the item wouldn’t arrive until after the period for a claim on Paypal had expired.

The moral of this story?  Do your due diligence before buying ultra cheap items online.  Google is your friend.