No Subject

A reader forwarded me this scam, and points out that it is similar to one I posted here in January.  The wording is different but the name of the, so called, “contact person” is the same.

Apparently my reader has won a “consultation” prize.  Personally, I just send my clients invoices for consultations, I don’t expect to win prizes for them.

In case you haven’t realised, this is a scam.  You haven’t won anything.  This is a scammer who is hoping to take money from you.  Delete the email and don’t reply.

Dear Winner,

We are delighted to inform you that your E-mail address has won a
consultation prize from the UK International promotion programme EMAIL
DRAW,Your Email appears to be one of the 7 Lucky Winners of £1,856,652.

Please Contact your Claims Personnel with the informations below for the processing of your Claims;

Contact Person: Mr. Dauler .K.
Email Address:

1. Full Names.
2. Residential Address.
3. Occupation.
4. Tel/Fax.
5. Date of Birth.
6. Nationality.

Please note that if you are below 18 years of age and you receive this, you will be automatically disqualified from your winning claim.

Vaillancourt Claire.