No Subject

Annabel Fraser seems to have written to me from the Royal College of Arts to tell me that she is called “Kevin Maxwell” and that she needs my help to move some “funds”.

I think Ms Fraser should pay more attention to her studies and less time trying to scam innocent victims out of their hard earned money.

If you make the mistake of replying to this scammer (whoever he/she really is) you will find yourself being asked to send money.  Ignore him or her.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Kevin Francis Herbert Maxwell, due to the present world economic situation and other circumstancy surounding me, I intend to diversify my investments funds to other lucrative areas. I am writing you based on my interest in investing into real estate and other businesses in your country.

I have contacted you on the consideration that I could discuss with you on the possibility of placing some funds with you for management either in your existing establishment or other venture to be undertaken at your discretion under terms to be agreed upon and also inquire about the possibility of you handling this investment and management on my behalf in your country.

Please Are you willing to be a partner, capable of receiving funds and managing investments in your country? Please if you are, do furnish me more information on the availability of the areas of investment that you know and if possible so we can work out modalities to partner together.

Should you be interested in this proposal, kindly state your interest urgently I will furnish you with details as soon as I receive your favorable response.

Please Your earnest and carefully considered response is important, as I await a swift response from you as soon as you can.

Get Back to me Via My Personal Email Address:

Kevin Francis Herbert Maxwell