No Subject

I think that “Mr Sutton” is related to the sender of the previous scam.  Both tell me to reply to email addresses that end and neither could be bothered to give their scam emails a subject.

“Mr Sutton” certainly isn’t a lawyer and he definitely doesn’t have $8.5m.  He’s a scammer (and not even a good one) who wants to take your money by charging you fees.  I think “Mr Sutton” should pay more attention to his studies as I am fairly sure “he” is a fellow student along with “Anabel Fraser” (see previous scam on this site).

Just ignore this scammer – if you reply you will find yourself being asked to send money.

I have a proposal worth Millions of dollars ($8,500,000:00).I’m Luke sutton a lawyer in U.K I will explain better immediately youNotify me of your interest. Contact me via
Thanks, Mr. Sutton