Notification About Account !

A sneaky Paypal scam – which amounts to total identify theft.  They even ask for a photo of yourself and your ID card – see below.  If you think you have accidentally given your bank details to these scammers, contact your bank immediately.

Dear Cutomer

We Have Noticed That Someone Tried To Log Into Your Account
To Avoid This Problem You Need To Confirm Your Personal Information >From The Following Button Below 

When you click on the button you are taken to a fake Paypal website.  Look at the web address in the address bar at the top of my browser.  Not the real paypal website.

Paypal Fake Email

My friend Roger Rabbit entered his fake email and fake password and was then asked for his credit card details

He lives in a cosy rabbit burrow so entered its address.  The scammer had a clever script running on the Card number field which meant that a random set of numbers didn’t work – so I (woops Roger Rabbit) had to use an online, fake Visa card number generator.

He was then asked to create a verified by Visa password

Then the clever bit to complete the identify theft – he was asked to submit a photo of himself along with his ID.  The scammer even gives instructions on how this should be done.

As the scammer gave a helpful example, Roger Rabbit did a quick copy and paste job and submitted the picture given as an example.

Once this was submitted he was re-directed to the real Paypal website.