Notification of Vehicle Tax DD Payment Schedule (Ref: 000000-000006-723890-002)

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Your “Vehicle registration number” hasn’t been “(protected for your security)”.  This scammer has no idea who you are or what your vehicle registration number is.  They are just trying to infect your device with their malware.

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Important: Confirmation of your successful Direct Debit

Vehicle registration number: ****** (protected for your security)

Thank you for arranging to pay the vehicle tax by Direct Debit.

Please can you check that the details below, and your payment schedule are correct:

Account name: See attached file
Account number: See attached file
Bank sort code: See attached file

If any of the above financial details are incorrect please contact your bank as soon as possible.

However, if your details are correct you don’t need to do anything and your Direct Debit will be processed as normal. You have the right to cancel your Direct Debit at any time. If you cancel your Direct Debit the vehicle will not be taxed. A copy of the Direct Debit Guarantee is included with this letter.

Enclosed is a schedule of your Direct Debit payments showing the amounts and dates for collection. We recommend that you retain this schedule for your records. You do not need to wait for the first payment to be taken before the vehicle is used on the road.

For your information, the collections will be made using this reference, and this is how your payments will be detailed on your bank statements:

DVLA Identifier : See attached file
Reference: See attached file

Your vehicle tax will automatically renew unless you notify us of any changes. We will send a new payment schedule at the time of renewal.

Yours sincerely

Rohan Gye

Vehicles Service Manager