Official Payment Instruction Via Western Union

Thursday, March 19, 2009 3:37 PM
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Chief of National Ozone Bureau
Direction of the Environment
Minist?re de l’Environnement
01 B.P. 3621, Cotonou, Benin

Attn: Beneficiary,
We are happy to inform you officially that the Board of Federal Ministry of Finance in conjunction with Dept Reconciliation committee Benin republic was notified about your lost contract funds in the amount of $1,200,000.00 United States Dollars after the meeting held on 1st March 2008. His Excellency, the president of Federal Republic of Benin (DR YAYI BONY) has instructed our committee to forward your lost payment through Diamond Bank Western union money transfer for easier pickup and to avoid further unforeseen delay that could make your fund not to get to you in a timely manner. Therefore be advised to contact the Diamond Bank Western Union department for immediate confirmation of your details application as stated below.

Receiver’s name: _________
Receiver’s Address: ________
Mobile Tel phone: __________
Personal Identity:____________

Their Contact information as follows:-
Contact Person: Mr. Serge Zabu
Diamond Bank Western Union
Contact Email:
Telephone: +229 95 319717
We agreed to be paying you the maximum of $4,500 on daily basis till your total amount of $US$1,200,000 is completed because of the laws with Western Union transfer of funds to another country.

Please if you are not the real beneficiary of this email address don’t respond to this offer.

Sincerely Yours,
M. Taofiki Oketokouni
Chief of National Ozone Bureau
Direction of the Environment
Minist?re de l’Environnement
Wouldn’t he be scratching his head if all his “undisclosed recipients” sent him a spam, claiming to be “the beneficiary” and demand he cough up the money or big trouble??? Actually, I have better things to do than send a spam to a spammer who’s brain is obviously affected by the “ozone”! Never mind. Just delete this dinghy spam!