Processing Notification September 2020 | Email return item No.4709520417-58321-4322408

This fake email was sent to a friend and claims to come from the UK TV Licencing authority.  It claims to have been sent from, which isn’t the email address of the TV Licencing.

It claims your bank has declined your last payment and sweetly asks if you’d “like to pay now”.

Clicking on the link to their “payment gateway” takes you to – definitely not the TV licencing website.  I don’t know what was there originally, but by the time I visited the site I just found a “website under construction” notice.

If you got taken in by this and gave your bank information to the scammers, contact your bank immediately.

DEAR CUSTOMER. TODAY IS YOUR LAST DAY TO REMAIN LICENSED. You won’t be covered if you let your licence expire. Your bank has declined the latest Direct Debit payment This payment is required for TV Licence number 036539188 WOULD YOU LIKE TO PAY NOW? PAYMENT GATEWAY › NOTE Renew your TV Licence before it expires on 27 September 2020 to remain legally licensed.