View your bill now

This fake BT email doesn’t even bother to pretend to address you personally – it just says “Hello”.

If you click on the link to “log in to see your bill” it tries to send you to 

The link doesn’t work as it was a Google Doc and Google have removed it.

We’ve given your bill a makeover Hello, You can view your bill online or use the My BT app. To log in, you’ll need your BT ID. This is usually your email address. Log in to see your bill You don’t need to do anything to pay it. We’ll take your monthly payment as normal. We regularly check how much you’re using, to make sure you’re paying the right amount. If you’re paying too much or not enough, we’ll let you know and automatically change it. Find out how we adjust your payments. Changes to our privacy policy We’ve updated our privacy policy to reflect the changes in data protection laws. Thanks, Nick Lane Managing Director, Customer Care