Re…Payment Advice from the Union Bank Reply ASAP….

My online alter-ego has emailed mrs fenna liam, telling her which hotel I will be staying in at Schiphol and which flight I will be on.  I will let you know what her instructions are.

Meanwhile – I’m sure you know as well as I do that you don’t have £2m sitting in a mysterious bank account, so delete this scam.

Attn: Dear Beneficiary,

We received an instruction from the Union Bank of Switzerland, Zurich
to pay you the sum of Two Million, Forty Five Thousand Euros
Only(€2,045,000.00),which is classified as your outstanding principle
amount and 0.001% interest accrued from the principle amount.

The said amount shall be paid to you by wire transfer or certified
Bank Draft prior to the signing of your payment documents for proof of
your payment in line with the terms of our agreement with the Union
Bank of Switzerland.

Your appointment has considerably been scheduled for February 18th, 2020
and our nearest airport is Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol.

Please note that the signing of your payment documents and its
notarization by the court takes minimum period of 48 hours upon your
arrival and it is extremely important for you to make a reservation
with any of the hotels within Schiphol for your stay.

We can provide you the names of the hotels close to our location, if
you so wish. Otherwise, do make your reservation with any hotels of
your choice and provide copy of your reservation, including your
flight itinerary to enable us accord you the necessary assistance for
your arrival, if you are a first time visitor.

For further inquiries and clarification on your payment, please
contact your assigned transaction manager, Ms.Fenna Liam via her
direct E-mail:

Yours truly,

Arjan van Diederik
Director,Operations Unit,
Keytrade Finance, Amsterdam, NL