You Have Won US$1,320,000.00

Ooooooo – look – I’ve won lots of money on a lottery I didn’t enter.  Does that sound likely????  No, of course it doesn’t.  You cannot win a lottery that you haven’t entered.

This is a scammer who is after your cash.  My online alter ego has replied, so I’ll let you know if s/he tells how much money I have to send in order to receive my (non existent) winnings.

Scroll down to read the scammer’s reply.

730 North 10th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811, U.S.A

Your  e-mail has been selected for the Power Ball e-mail Promo of   $  1  ,  3  2  0  ,  0  0  0  .  0  0  . For Claim Send;
Tel No:
Date of Birth:

Send the above details to your    C  l  a  i  m   Agent,Steve Donald on


Linda Shayne
Powerball Lotto

The scammer has replied and told me that I need to contact CitiBank New York to receive my winnings.  Obviously I’m going to do as instructed!!  (In case anyone is wondering – I have an email address that I use only for contacting scammers and I give entirely false details.)

Attn: Annie Smith,

This is to confirm the receipt of your e-mail together with the Information which have been verified and processed for payment.

We have given instruction to the Paying Bank (Citibank New York) to handle the release of your Winning sum of $1, 320, 000.00 to you as a matter of urgency.

You are hereby requested to get in touch with the Citibank New York through e-mail with the below stated details of the Citibank and make sure you reconfirm your Name Address and Phone Number to them

Bank Name: Citibank New York
Contact Person: Richard Mills

Do confirm to me if you received this e-mail

Do keep us posted.

Steve Donald
Claim Agent

Power Ball Promo

Citibank were quick to reply.  They’ve offered me 3 options.  I’m going to give them fake details for option 1 – direct transfer.  I probably won’t get much further as I have no intention of giving them any genuine details.

I used a fake passport I found using google and just edited my fake name onto it.

File No: CITI/0012019/USD/055

Attention: Annie Smith,

                                                                                       RE: PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONOF US$1, 320,000.00

This is to bring to your notice of your file and instruction received from the Power Ball Lotto to handle the release of your fund of US$1, 320, 000.00 (One Million, Three Hundred and Twenty Thousand United States Dollars) to you.

However, you are requested to make your choice of receiving your Winning from the below stated options

1. Bank Transfer

2. Check Payment

3. Open an online account with our Bank

For Bank Transfer, you are to provide us with the  below details, which will enable us commence with the transfer modalities of the said funds of $1, 320, 000.00

1. Bank Name:

2. Bank Address:

3. Account Holders Name:

4. Account Number:

5. Routing Number/Swift Code:

6. Your phone/Cell Phone Number:

7. Your Contact address

8. A scan copy of your Identification (ID)

For Check Payment, you are to provide the below stated details

1. Full Names

2. Contact Address (Not P.O.BOX)

3. Direct Phone Number (Cell Phone Number)

4. A copy of your Identification (ID)


For online account set up 

To open the online account, Please follow the below instruction.

click on the link below and go to open an account, fill the form and submit it after.

As soon as the application is received, an account will be setup for you.

Waiting for your swift response to this e-mail.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Mills

Head Of Transfer Dept.

Citibank NY

Tel: 1 347 641 9239