Restore You Account Access RXI0622

I hope you know that you should NEVER click on a link in a Paypal, Bank or other financial email.  ALWAYS enter the address of the Paypal website directly into your browser.

If you point your mouse at the link in this email (DON’T CLICK) you will see that the web address displayed at the bottom of your browser isn’t Paypal.  This is a scammer who is after your credit card details.

information about your account:
Security Center

Attention! Your PayPal account was limited!

As part of our security measures, we regularly check the work of the screen PayPal. We have requested information from you for the following reason:

Our system has detected unusual charges to a credit card linked to your PayPal account.

Reference Number: PP-259-187-991

This is the last reminder to log into PayPal, as soon as possible. Once you connect. PayPal will provide measures to restore access to your account.

Once connected, follow the steps to activate your account. We appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure security.

Due to the recent update of the servers, you are requested to please update your account info at the following link.

We appreciate your attention to this issue. Please understand that this is a security measure designed to protect you and your account. We apologize for any inconvenience ..

Department review PayPal accounts

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