stop any contact with fedex courier company now do to corruption To:

Thanks again to my reader, who likes the way the scammer spells “due”.

Whose a girl to trust these days?  Now I’m told that no less a company than Fedex will “scam you without trace”.  So corrupt are they that I mustn’t contact them again.  I must contact Mr Mounirou instead.  Obviously, being a scammer himself, Mr Mounirou wouldn’t want to risk anyone else getting their hands on his ill gotten cash, now would he.

Yup – you’ve guessed it.  It’s all a load of drivel.  There is no money.  Just delete the email from “johnprivacy” and don’t reply.

From: john <>
Subject: stop any contact with fedex courier company now do to corruption

this  is my new contact adress, listing i was inform about the corruption of the FEDEX EXPRESS DIPLOMATIC COMPANY
I call your phone nomber many times to inform you  but it just respond that the nomber is incorrect that’s why  i decided to email  you before is too late, dont contact FEDEX EXPRESS DIPLOMATIC COMPANY again , they will scam you without  trace.Presently I lodged your money including the interest with  financial Bank in Cotonou-Benin.Sorry do to confidential investment i could not send you the total money  again, so i just send $900,000.00 , but is  still big money ;Since i could not reach you before I travelled , in respect of the little assistance you rendered to us during the cost of transfering that fund through we could not conclude our transaction .Just contact the Account Officer directly with this code 72A plus your full information and instruct him  how  to send  you the money ! his Name, Mr Akande
Mohamed Mounirou  is informed on him to receive your fund
$900,000.00. His email is(>) Tel:: contact 0022998299727.