Telephone fraud and scams

Some scammers are using the telephone, as well as the internet, to try and lure their victims.  Always beware of phone calls and NEVER giver personal information to an unknown caller.  If the caller claims to represent your bank, or any other institution you deal with, ask for their name and tell them you will call them back.  DON’T call the number they gave you.  Look up the real number of your bank or other institution on legitimate paperwork and call them yourself.  If they have legitimate questions/concerns another representative will be able to trace them for you.

A blog reader left this comment I’ve reproduced here in reply to this post. She asks how the scammers could know so much about her.  Remember there are many websites where you can look up names and addresses.  Keep your wits about you on the phone as well as on the net.

I received this exact email.. word for word.. however.. about 2 days before this email, they called my house, and talked to my father. “rosemary” called and asked if i was home (which i wasnt’) and asked if i was home. and if i was the one who recently had gone to thunderbay with my mother (which i had)? and even spelt out my mother’s name? basically.. how do they know so much about me?