Lottery Ref NO: co/478/34/06

Only 450k Euros?   I don’t get out of bed for less than half a million these days.

Yes –  you’re right.  It’s all a load of bunkum (quaint olde englishe term).

Just delete the email and don’t reply.  You haven’t won anything.

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Dear Winner,

This is to notify you that you have won 450,000.00(Four hundred and fifty Thousand Euros)in Spanish BONO online email lottery Draw in which e-mail addresses are picked randomly by computerized balloting, powered by the Internet Your email address was amongst those chosen for this period.
Lottery Ref NO: co/478/34/06
Batch No.:44-694-88-ES
Game No.:45-60-72
Lucky No.:20/35/49/70/90
Ticket No.:17/25/22/27
To claim your prize, please contact:
Fiduciary Agent, MR. FRANK SANCHO,
TEL: +34 652 547 686

With the following information’s : Full Names,Age,Address,
Occupation,Telephone No