UK Uniform Tax Rebate

A friend received this email asking if she was eligible to claim a Uniform Tax Relief.  That’s a tax rebate you can claim in the UK if you wear a uniform to work and have to clean and maintain it yourself.
Her first thought was that it’s a scam.  But we did a little investigation.  She sensibly didn’t click on the link, but I asked her to forward it to me and I did what I always tell everyone else not to do.  I clicked on the link.

It took me to a legitimate website, where you can start making your claim.  BUT.  They will charge you for this service.  If you claim for yourself via the UK Government website then you are not charged.

The amount you receive for your rebate will probably be fairly small, if you are actually entitled to a rebate, and all these websites will charge you a fee, which will be deducted from the money you receive.

I made a video about these websites.  They probably don’t count as scammers – chancers is probably a better word.