Goodness me – apparently I have so many outstanding payments and compensation claims due (according to my email inbox) that I will soon be the IMF myself.  I should be awash with so many millions of dollars that I would have lost count.  Except that I’m not, of course.  This scammer just wants my money – or yours – and will happily take as much as you will send him.  Ignore him and delete the email.

The recent launched Joint External Debt Hub (JEDH) by the Inter-Agency
Task Force on Finance Statistics (TFFS) This joint launch is by the
Bank for International Settlements (BIS), International Monetary Fund
(IMF), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),
and the World Bank and represents efforts to synergize international
advances in the area of external debt statistics. Due to this new
organization, the World Bank has gratified the international Debt
Management to look into the all outstanding contractors/Workers due
for payment with US Government. In Regards to this, your name was
among the unsettled contractors/Workers who have not received their
payments. I wish to inform you that the international Debt Management
has been approved and instructed by world debt organization including
the World Bank to process and release all the outstanding payment
which has been due for payment.Find enclose the details from the file below and get back to me for more details