With Due Respect

A reader forwarded me this scam.

“Mr Wankoye” isn’t a cotton producer.  The only thing he produces is hot air and scam emails – hoping that you will fall for his story and send him some money for his non-existent cotton.  What a ridiculous scam.  How many people would be daft enough to want to buy raw cotton from someone they’ve never heard of, know nothing about and how sent them a random email.

Dear Sir, Madam,

I am MR BOUREIMA WANKOYE from Burkina Faso West Africa and a member of the Burkina
Faso local cotton producer union (association). I hope this will not be an embarrassment or something new to you, kindly permit me for this explanation. I am extending this view to inform you.

We are local producer of cotton in Burkina Faso West Africa. Now we have in stock enough of raw cotton for sale, if you are interested and in need of this item (material) kindly reply back for more purchasing details.

Yours Sincerely