You have new bonus

This incompetent scammer can’t even make a link that works.  Probably just as well, I’m sure the link would ask you for all your credit card details.  Clearly this is a “fill in the blanks” scam – and this idiot couldn’t even be bothered to fill in how much you are supposed to have been “rewarded” with.

Just ignore this scammer.

Greetings from Post Office United Kingdom

Welcome to the Post Office United Kingdom Online Reward program, the first and largest loyalty program in the world! We are proud to inform you that today, The UK Post Office rewarded you Please take the 4 steps survey. For your effort you will be rewarded you with £

Your bonus code is P742UK2910
Please track your Bonus Code in to: Thank you very much for your help and your patient and hope you will enjoy the UK Post Office reward program in the future.

Sandra L. Weller

UK Post Office Reward Department