You share the same surname as my client

This scam was submitted by a reader


I am Mr. Thomas A. Boardman working with a South African Financial Institution, I apologize for reaching you in this manner, it may seem unethical, with a matter of great
Importance. I am Account/Portfolio Manager to a client who Shares the same last name with you. About three years ago, he was involved in a fatal accident and died.

We have tried on several occasions over these years to find a surviving next of kin or relative but it was unsuccessful. I and my colleague who are well placed within the institution decided to make an independent search with the last name to locate any possible member of his family to help repatriate US$ 9.2Milion (American Dollars) deposited in our institution before it is declared unserviceable or taken over by the Government. The Institution has already notified me, as portfolio manager to the deceased on this matter, and also given me a deadline.

I have been unable to find a next of kin, therefore I am contacting you as a possible next of kin, because you both share the same last name, to assist us repatriate this funds, with you as next of kin before it gets confiscated by the government. We all stand to gain a lot, we will discuss terms of sharing when we have an agreement. We have all the necessary information, legal documents and the official capability within the institution needed to back you up for claim and to make this a success.

All I need from you is an understanding between us on confidentiality and total commitment to make this a success and all will be done legally to protect all of us involved, from any breach of law.


Thomas A. Boardman