Your Clubcard Account

DO NOT log in to this site. ┬áIt isn’t Tesco – it’s a scammer hoping you will give them your Tesco account info so they can log-in and steal your payment information.

If you inadvertently give the scammers your account info – log in to your account immediately and change the password.

Dear Customer,

We are e-mailing following a system update for our Clubcard section of the Tesco website.

We are requesting that you log in to your account to confirm your clubcard details in order for the system to update your profile. In doing so you will completely verify and activate your Clubcard account on our new systems

Please click HERE to login to your Tesco Clubcard account.

Thank you for corresponding with our request.

Tesco.Com Limited
Company Number: 3942522
Registered in England
Registered Office: Tesco House, Delamare road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire EN8 9SL