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Really?  I don’t have an account with EDG energy.  Be aware that if you do, this is a fake.  Plus £818 is around what I use in a year in oil and electricity.

Clearly the amount is meant to make you panic so you click on the link.  That link doesn’t take you to EDF – look at the web address it takes you to……………

Whatever that is, it certainly isn’t EDF.  If you click on the link you are invited to download a .zip file.

DO NOT open this file, it will contain malware.

Your new bill is ready to view
Dear Business Customer,

Your monthly Direct Debit payment amount is £818.00.

View your bill to see how much energy you’ve used and what this has cost. You can also check you’re on our cheapest tariff and see how we calculate your Direct Debit.
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Fake EDF energy bill

Fake EDF energy bill