I you click on “reply” to this email – look who it is really going to – disticaret@carlaverde-tr.com.

This email did NOT come from the address it claims to come from – the sender address has been “spoofed”.  Ie, the sender address is fake.  In fact that happened to me just a few days ago.  My hosting company checked to see if my email had been hacked.  It hadn’t, the spammers were just using my email as  a fake sender address.

DO NOT open the attachment which I’m fairly sure will contain malware.

Also, the company referred to in this email is a legitimate company whose name is being used by the scammers to make their attachment seem authentic.  (I debated whether or not to leave the details visible.  If the company would prefer me to remove their details I will, but I stress again they are a legitimate company.)

Dear sir/madam,

We haven’t received your reply yet.

Our sales manager sent you purchase orders with our company profile on
16.02.16, inspite of repeated emails still we did not receive your reply,
we are wondering if you received our previous emails?

The attached file is our company profile with sample and specification for
our orders, kindly check and quote your best price at earliest.

Please forward to appropriate department if necessary.

General Manager
captainand Group of Companies
Markircher Straße 7
D-68229 Mannheim Suliet,pakistan.
Phone: +92(0)621484490-00
Telefax: +92(0)621484490-20